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MATVIS has three different versions, for educational purposes, commercial purposes, and personal student use.
License type
Payment in Euro
Payment in US dollar
Educational version - price is EURO € 25.
For faculty members.
Student version - price is EURO € 15.
For students (graduate or undergraduate).
Commercial version - price is EURO € 40.
For all other users .

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Note that paypal allows you to make payments in a different currency than that of your account. Thus, you can select either of the options above, as you prefer. Note also that you can use your credit card to purchase Matvis without the need to open a paypal account.

Upgrade from version 1.0 - price is EURO € 10 for the student and faculty versions (US $12.5).

Upgrade from version 1.0 - price is EURO € 20 for the commercial version (US $25).

If you use images created by this program in any paper or report, reference to the program and it's author is allowed.

Group licenses (for entire departments) are also available. These are usually between EURO € 100 and EURO € 400, depending on the size of the group. These are the only multiple-site licenses, meaning, they can be installed on all computers belonging to the department. This is the case of departments wishing to allow access to the program to all their students and faculty members in local computers. For group licenses you will receive between 2 and 5 copies of the program (depending on the size of the group) in cd-rom and the software can be installed on every departmental computer (but not personally owned computers).

If you wish to provide individual licenses to all your students in a course, a special price can be arranged for each student license. This is necessary if you wish students to install the software on their own computers at home. It is not allowed to install a personal student license on a computer owned by a high school, college, university or company. The common price for multiple student licenses is:

Electronic distribution among students
One individual student cd per license
10 to 25 students - EURO € 7 per license 10 to 25 students - EURO € 9 per license
25 to 50 students - EURO € 6 per license 25 to 50 students - EURO € 8 per license
50 to 100 students - EURO € 5 per license 50 to 100 students - EURO € 7 per license
100+ students - EURO € 4 per license 100+ students - EURO € 6 per license

If you choose electronic distribution among students you will not receive a physical copy of the software on cd unless you also purchase a single license. Instead you will be granted access to download Matvis from our ftp server (or you can receive it by email) and then you can distribute it electronically to the students. If you choose one cd per license you will receive the same number of cds as the number of students.

If you choose to receive physical copies of the software, please note that shipping costs are not included in the prices above and will vary for Portuguese, European, US or other addresses. If you are not certain of the shipping cost to your location, contact us in advance.

Shipping & Handling costs (any European country): € 2 for the first CD + € 1 per additional CD.
Shipping & Handling costs (outside Europe): € 3 for the first CD + € 2 per additional CD

A complimentary faculty license will be issued to the instructor of the course for which the multiple student licenses are being purchased. This license will be in the same form as the student licenses - either electronic or an individual cd for the instructor.

You can order MATVIS by mail or email (

We accept payments by paypal (including credit card payments), check, or bank transfer (contact us at for details on bank transfer payments).

Paypal: use the button next to the appropriate option to purchase Matvis securily online. For group licenses, please contact us at

Checks: payment must be in EURO funds (€) and checks must be drawn on a Portuguese bank. Checks should be written to the order of Ricardo Simoes.

Send check by mail to:

Dr. Ricardo Simoes

Dept. Eng. Polimeros - Univ. do Minho

Campus de Azurem

4800 Guimaraes


Upon receiving your payment, we'll either mail you MATVIS on a cd-rom or email it to you.


MATVIS and the Matvis Webpage © 2001 Ricardo Simoes