Basic features


MATVIS allows the representation of several crystal structures of metals and ceramics.

All of these structures can be moved, rotated and animated in a three dimensional space. There are also several preset views. Both keyboard and mouse can be used for input. A menu window can be displayed and placed anywhere in the screen to receive mouse commands.

The structures have been divided in two groups; basic structures and all structures.
Basic structures are: Simple Cubic, Body Centered Cubic, Face Centered Cubic, Rock-Salt, Diamond / Zinc blend, Perovskite, Spinel, Inverse Spinel, and Fluorite structures.

The program contains information for all room temperature possible single element crystal structures, the most common binary structures (CsCl, NaCl, FeO, ZnS, CaF2 and ZrO2), and the most common ternary structures (MgAl2O4, BaTiO3 and FeFe2O4).

All structures is a list of all the structures in the program by space group. Included are:

- Triclinic: FeS2, Cf

-Monoclinic: hi pressure Te, AuTe2, CuO, B2Pd5

- Orthorhombic: YBa2Cu3O7-x, AuCd, FeS2, Fe2C, CuTe, alpha Np, GeS, FeB, Co2Si, CaTiO3, alpha U, CrB, I2, gamma Pu, S2Si

- Tetragonal: PdS, SiO2, 'ST12' Si, Cu2FeS4Sn, CuFeS2, AuCu, CuTi3, beta Np, PbO, gamma CuTi, Cu2Sb, PtS, 'T50' B, TiO2 rutile, alpha Pa, In, MoSi2, 'BCT5' Si, Al3Ti, Al3Zn, ThH2, La2CuO4, '4 member ring' C, Al2Cu, beta Sn, TiO2 anatase, NbP, Ga2Hf

- Trigonal: eta-AgZn, PdAl, gamma Se, HgS, alpha SiO2 quartz, Ni3S2, NiS, CSi, NbZr2, Al3Ni2, beta Po, alpha As, alpha Hg, alpha Sm, CrNaS2, CuPt, alpha Al2O3

- Hexagonal: beta SiO2 quartz, Fe3C, ZnS, buckled graphite, NiAs, CSi (4H), WC, BaPtSb, simple hexagonal, Cu2Te, AlB2 ideal omega, AlB4Mg, hexagonal close packed, alpha La, Graphite, InNi2, CuS, beta SiO2 tridymite, hexagonal diamond, CMo, '3 member ring' C

- Cubic: FeSi, CO, CoU, As3Co, FeS2, AlSb, 'BC8' Si, beta Mn, Fe4C, Cu3S4V, ZnS, AgAsMg, simple cubic, CsCl, alpha ReO3, B6Ca, perovskite, Cu3Au, NbO, Cr3Si, Si46, Ag2O, face centered cubic, rock salt, fluorite, AlFe3, AlCu2Mn, Ca7Ge, diamond, NaTl, beta SiO2 cristobalite, Cu2Mg, body centered cubic


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